SecureLib Encryption SDK

SecureLib Encryption SDK

When using high-level development tools, applications can be rapidly developed for multiple platforms across various technological forms very easily. These applications are increasingly operating sensitive information both on the local system as well as the Cloud. 

When protecting information in a compatible manner, the development capability is not as readily available as it is to develop the Front-End User Interface (UI) and Back-End support.

There are questions to ask in the development stages of an application. Can you the developer be sure:-

  • The data protection implementation is truly protecting corporate information? 
  • It is up to standards such as FIPS 140-2, FIPS 197 and Common Criteria?
  • The right person (or group of people) can access this information? The wrong person cannot?
  • The information is transferrable across an organisation’s entire infrastructure of technology?

Information should be sharable amongst groups of users across multiple forms of technology.

Our solution is unique in the marketplace, as it’s the only SDK that has the capability to encrypt information in forms of raw data and, as a special case, maintain data format when encrypted.

The SecureLib SDK can provide the developer with a customisable authentication system which is capable of managing various groups to access it. With the use of a simple recognisable interface, it will protect data to high standards including FIPS.

The SecureLib SDK is a developer’s library (or API) and can provide the functionality for the following:-

  • Distinctive management of multiple users (a user might be an application)
  • Authenticate a user to access information , which is protected to be used by a distinct group of users
  • To set a user’s credentials to a particular type of authentication (i.e. password, fingerprint, image recognition, LDAP, Cryptographic Card)
  • To store data encrypted by a particular algorithm and bit strength
  • To add and remove different group types and select the user members
  • To encapsulate encrypted access to files with a potential to locking an encrypted file’s access to a specific set of users
  • To maintain the format of data when in its encrypted form


What are the benefits?

  • Can be used across all forms of software development including:-
    • Front-End Web Applications 
    • PC Applications 
    • Mobile Device/Phone Apps
    • Kernel Modules
    • Embedded Firmware
  • Fast, secure data encryption across an organisation’s entire technology infrastructure - web servers, laptops, mobile devices, and IoT devices
  • Conforms to FIPS 140-2 standard protection which ensures high secure protection
  • High level of customisation access to specific users and groups 
  • Has the ability to maintain the format of information, e.g. phone numbers will still appear as phone numbers (but they’re encrypted!)
  • Has the ability to encrypt and decrypt information in real-time, providing seamless access to encrypted files and database
  • Has the ability to recover any encrypted data 

Our solution provides a much needed mechanism to unify fragmented technology types which do not easily share protected information.

The SecureLib SDK provides the answer to protection to an entire organisation’s assets via one simple development interface.