RhoMobile Security Extension

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Digital Defence has developed and released a cross-platform security extension to the RhoMobile development suite, which would enable ISV’s who develop solutions using RhoStudio, to deploy world class data security within their applications. The benefits of the RhoMobile Security Extension could be split into three main categories:

1. Benefits with RhoElements core tenets:

  • Native performance – the encryption speed is better than that provided by the Ruby extension which is standard in RhoMobile
  • Cross platform – the solution wraps the Native extensions, so that the RhoMobile developer doesn’t need to worry about targeting a platform, or platform specific implementation details
  • Ability to encrypt files or strings –The Secure Mobile extension for RhoMobile has the potential to encrypt just the sensitive data before writing it to the standard Rho database


2. Security benefits – things that are mandatory when writing any application that stores data that is deemed as sensitive or valuable:

  • The solution provides best practice for encryption key management, generation and storage in line with Federal accreditation (FIPS 140-2)
  • The Rho extension is based on a FIPS compliant encryption module – this is important particularly if a developer wants to get their application accredited or certified for Federal or Government use. With a different approach, developers may be building in a dependency within the application which stops them from achieving accreditation


3. General encryption SDK benefits:

  • The Rho extension provides developers with an easy to use encryption interface
  • Developers would have the ability to group encryption keys across users/apps


This will be provided as a SDK which is based on a FIPS compliant security module and available to RhoMobile developers through an annual license.

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