Data Encryption Overview

We provide FIPS compliant encryption software to encrypt/protect selected data at rest. Once mobile users have been authenticated, Secure Mobile enables the user and approved applications to access the encrypted data on the mobile device in the same fashion they would access any other data. This is achieved by altering the system at device driver level so that any data access is intercepted by Digital Defence to be encrypted or decrypted in real time.

Our core proposition is based on world class end point data encryption and certification to ensure we offer the most compelling solution to our partners and end users. We have evolved as a solution provider to offer a version of our solution as an SDK in addition to a native application. We have found that most mobile ISV’s and OEM’s do not have the security expertise in-house and would prefer to utilise our FIPS compliant security module within their applications when deploying mobile solutions.

Below is a summary of our solutions and operating systems we run on;

  • Native Windows encryption (WM 6.5, CE, WEH)
  • Native Android encryption
  • Cross-platform data encryption SDK for ISV’s based on Xamarin
  • Security extension (SDK) for RhoMobile
  • Data encryption SDK for Android (Native)

We have tested our solution within most MDM platforms and it operates seamlessly as a module of the MDM platform (we have implementations running on SAP, SOTI and Airwatch). Our solution contains a Mass Deployment module which is used to create an executable (CAB) file that contains all of the master settings for the encryption deployment.

Once configured, the CAB file is sent to the device via the MDM solution, where it loads on the registry of the device and is totally invisible to the end user. Our software can also be loaded onto the device within a staged environment by being connected to a pc/server on which our deployment module is loaded.

By running our application, you will be assured of the following functionality:

  • Unique encryption key for every file which is randomly generated, centrally managed and stored in line with FIPS guidelines
  • Due to our unique architecture, the technology does not get in the way of operating any device from a user perspective (they don’t even notice it is on the device)
  • Superb device performance due to architecture (less than 2% when encrypting or decrypting) – as stated, we reside at kernel level and as such do not noticeable impede the performance
  • Secure Mobile encrypts and decrypts data at bit level without any interruption or lack of speed on the device (we usually demo this with a HD music video that decrypts in real time)
  • Single Sign-On - Once a user has been authenticated either through password, biometrics or LDAP, all files are ready for decryption. The user authentication is encrypted the same as each file   and to date has not been breached.
  • All of our encrypted files are recoverable through our management capability even when the storage volume is corrupted or device powers down (in last example the MS solution will delete all encrypted data)
  • We specialize in file encryption that is FIPS approved

Our solution is FIPS 140-2 certified which is globally accepted and demanded by Federal and Government departments as the preferred standard for endpoint data encryption. By default, our software will make your solutions and devices FIPS 140-2 compliant.

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