Enterprise Mobility

011 Utilities 010Seamlessly protect your corporate data simply, quickly and cost-effectively

Today’s flexible style of mobile working significantly increases the security risks to your corporate data, as well as vulnerabilities under the Data Protection Act and Corporate Data Governance.

We have spent years developing solutions that are as much about ease of implementation and management, as they are about data and device protection. Using a dual approach of encryption and password authentication, our solution is remotely deployed and security policies and settings can be managed centrally or locally within an Internationally certified solution.

Today our solution protects corporate information at organisations wherever it is held – on PCs, mobile devices and removable media such as memory sticks, USB and zip drives.

Designed to fit the corporate requirements of today, our solutions are cost-effective and require no training or recall of devices leaving your colleagues to work uninterrupted.

Premium technology that takes care of your data security issues on every level.

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