Digital Defence enabling Volkswagen manage vehicle stock - securely
Digital Defence’s Secure Mobile chosen to provide mobile security by Volkswagen Financial Services.  
The challenge
Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) is the captive finance company for the VW group in the UK, offering finance and leasing services to all group customers – purchasers of vehicles as diverse as ŠKODA and SEAT right through to the luxury marques of Porsche, Bentley and Lamborghini.  A fleet division, Volkswagen Group Leasing, provides finance for an increasing number of non-group brands.
Stock management is a core element of their operations – indeed, current financial regulations require a quarterly updating of stock in use, and being disposed of, at auction sites around the country.  As there are in excess of 6,000 vehicles at each site, and an increasing number of marques, data collection for the updating was becoming increasingly cumbersome, labour intensive and prone to error.
The solution
VWFS decided to change their data collection process, using handheld devices so personnel at each of the auction sites could rapidly and accurately capture vehicle registration plates.  This data could then be transmitted back to, or cross-referenced against, the group’s internal stock records.    The capture process took under a second per vehicle.  As expected, there were significant savings in time, data accuracy and data integrity:  missing vehicles, duplicated registration plates and out-of-date ownership of personalised plates were now a thing of the past, and the software, written as a bespoke application by Coeus Software of Cheltenham, appears to be working exactly as expected.
Data security
However, a core element of the new system has been the holding of highly valuable and sensitive ownership records, registration details and vehicle conditions and locations.  The opportunities for fraudulent use were obvious if a device was lost, stolen or mislaid.   
Secure Mobile provides the solution.
Secure Mobile provides complete protection of all data residing on a mobile device, enabling an enterprise to confidently mobilise their workforce without fear of data compromise. A security policy can be created and managed both locally (on the device) and centrally (on a server) to enforce the protection and encryption of all data residing on a mobile device and any removable storage such as USB drives and SD cards. Secure Mobile is also feature rich and has industry leading functionality for Access Control, Authentication and Management that enhances security and control.  Secure Mobile is FIPS accredited and is used by organisations requiring fully functional mobile security solutions -  without  interrupting users’ day-to-day mobility needs.   Now, should a device be lost or stolen, none of the sensitive data can be retrieved.
Secure Mobile’s unique architecture is completely transparent in use and does not impact on device performance.   As the software resides below the OS level, it enables encryption and decryption of data at BIT level, in real time, at < 2% device impedance.
In addition, it is the only Global Enterprise Mobility Validated security solution within Motorola, so this was a natural pairing, as Motorola MC65 hand-held devices were the hardware specified by the ANPR data capture software engineers, Coeus.
Staffordshire Police are other adopters of Secure Mobile: “Secure Mobile is effective, but also simple and straightforward to use,” said their Mobile Data Technical Team Leader, Russell Lawson. “The facilities provided to remotely deploy to the software and to support users remotely simplified the logistics of supporting a large population of highly mobile users.”  
The manufacturers of Secure Mobile are Digital Defence, architects of the first-ever smartphone encryption software.  Digital Defence solutions have secured data for multiple organisations and individuals globally for over the past ten years.  Our vision continues to be the innovation of genuinely unique and cost-effective encryption solutions to enable to the total mobility of the individual and the workforce.