About Us

Secure your data. Free your users.

Almost a decade ago a team of specialist solution architects came together to create a data security and encryption solution that would protect information at its most vulnerable – “on the move”. We have developed internationally certified solutions that protect data at file level on PC’s, PDAs, email and removable media such as CD-roms, SD Cards and memory sticks.

Our focus has completely shifted to data protection on mobile devices and also providing SDK’s for mobile application developers to ensure they are able to utilise our world class FIPS compliant solutions within their own applications that are deployed to their clients.

Our partners are able to implement premium data encryption technology that does exactly what is says on the tin without compromising device performance or corporate governance.

Digital Defence’s solution – Secure Mobile is aimed at securing information stored on mobile devices. This fast, seamless and powerful, FIPS 140-2 certified solution generates unique, randomly generated encryption keys for each file that are encrypted and decrypted at bit level in real time without losing device performance. The encryption keys are also part stored on the file and device to ensure the highest levels of data security, and the central management of your mobile security deployment conforms to corporate and legislative policies.

Our focus is also on securing the information used by software applications - SecureLib Encryption SDK. This solution is unique to the market; there is no other solution available that provides software developers the capability to restrict access to specific groups of users by encrypting information compatible across front-end web applications to PC applications to PC/mobile Kernel drivers to IoT embedded development.

Digital Defence has also developed a version of SQLite called SQLite SecureLib, which utilises the encryption SDK, and provides seamless encryption to a SQLite database, which allows developers to create and access an Encrypted SQLite database in a transparent way.

Our core proposition is focused on:

  • File level encryption with Unique, randomly generated encryption keys per file
  • Certification – FIPS 140-2 including latest FIPS 197 (AES), FIPS 180-3 (SHA-256), and FIPS 198 (HMAC) certification. We are also Code of Connection certified
  • Multi-Platform data security SDK based on Xamarin (Windows, Android, iOS, RIM)
  • HTML5 based security extension based on RhoMobile
  • Multiple levels of authentication to ensure your corporate data is secured to the highest standard throughout your mobility deployment
  • FIPS compliant management, storage and generation of encryption keys


Digital Defence’s software is used internationally in Local and Central Government departments, Field Service Teams, Logistics, Police Forces, Utilities, Home Delivery, Financial Services, Automotive and Emergency Services.

Digital Defence develops world class data and device protection solutions for software applications and mobile devices, and with our solutions, you couldn’t be in better hands…